Impact of Comic Factors in TV Ads on Buying Attitude of University Students

Here in this research study our foremost objective was to explore the buying attitude of university students after watching comic advertisement. We have designed the testified five point Likert scale questionnaire to check the response from our respondents There was one DV (Buying behaviour of university students), Two IV’s (Advertisement & Awareness) and one MV (Comic Factor). Five (5) institutes were selected, as well as (1) NCBA&E-Lahore, Layyah Campus, (2) GCU, Layyah Campus, (3) BZU, Layyah Campus, (4) Govt. College for women, (5) GCC Layyah. Fifty (50) questionnaires were distributed randomly and received (n=239). There were 109 males & 130 females. It was cross sectional research study. Purely based on field survey. Data interpret on SPSS (21st). We have analyzed the Demographic sections. After that correlation (r) analysis, (R2) Regression analysis, ANOVA and Durban Watson etc. Results of this research study are vigorous. These also retrospect from the Cronbach’s Alpha (ἀ) (0.8). It symbolize that Comic ads have a virtuous effects to influence the university level students.

Muhammad Ismail,Noor ul ain, Jam Qaswar Abbas,& Niaz Ahmad.