Instruction For Authors
International Journal of Creative & Innovation Sciences (IJCIS) publishes only in English language
Electronic submission
Manuscripts will be accepted through only e-mail or log-in on journal’s website and submit through Manuscript submission. It should be in Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010.
Submit manuscripts as e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at A manuscript number will be e-mailed to the corresponding author within 4 official working days, excluding (Christmas & weekend holidays) International Journal of Creative & Innovation Sciences (IJCIS) will only accept manuscripts submitted as e-mail attachments, or directly submit on Journal’s website.

Authors:Full names, affiliations, e-mail ids, phone numbers of all authors, Correspondent Author * use steric (*) with her/his name.

Abstract: Time New Roman” with 12 font size. Length should be 160-170 words. Concise, informative for readers and completely self-explanatory, it contain on objective of study in one & half line, mention all variables that used, sample & population, finally express your findings & results. Use past tense.

Introduction Should provide a clear statement of the problem

Literature Review: Should be complete enough to allow experiments to be reproduced. However, only truly new procedures should be described in detail. If previously published procedures use, please mention and cited,

Tables: Time New Roman” with 10 font size. Mention the number (Table No.) on every table. Only SPSS and e-statistical tables will be encouraged. If you want to combine them, then draw them manually.

Figure: Should be typed in numerical order. Amos and SPSS latest version should be used. For graphics quality use the applications capable of generating high resolution JPEG, GIF, TIFF & PowerPoint before pasting in the Microsoft Word manuscript file. Mention the numbers (Figure).

Results: Presented with clarity and precision. The results should be written in the past tense. No need to add referring here

Discussion should interpret the findings in view of the results obtained in this and in past studies on this topic.

Conclusions: Complete & concise few sentences at the end of the paper. Combined the results, methods, discussion and findings

References: End-note references will be encouraged and highly appreciated. Use APA (American Psychological Association) 6th Edition referencing style. All the references should be in alphabetical sequence.

Acknowledgments: If you wish to pay the gratitude to your sponsors (Company/ institute/ people) who funded you for this research, you can acknowledge them here in this section.

Copyright: When MS (Manuscript) accepted for publication. It becomes the property of IJCIS till publication. When it will publish, copyrights automatically will transfer to the author.

Fees and Charges: Publication in International Journal of Creative & Innovation Sciences (IJCIS) (£) 90 British Pond or $115 (US Dollars). But for developing countries (IJCIS) have 50 % waive policy. Remember: it depend on the quality of your work.

List of Developing Countries,
Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Central African Republic, Brazil, Egypt, China (does not include Hong Kong or Taiwan), Colombia, Iraq, Iran, Fiji, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (a.k.a. North Korea), Indonesia, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, South Africa, Libya, Sri Lanka, Panama, Sudan, Turkey and Venezuela.